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Short urls works better than usual long URL's even SEO friendly.

Do more with shortest URL provider. Share, Email, Post or SMS any long URL's using

Short URL

Uses less space, less characters and smart size QR code. Handy and easy when comes to action.

Custom Alias

Use own name next to the short domain and let users know that it's you with a short links.


Identify the most preferred way to bring your brand to consumers by using detialed usage reports.

It's Local

Attracts more consumer clicks., more trust with known and familier domain extention.

Reasons to use


QR Code Generation

Each short URL is having it's own QR Code. Easliy Print, Display on Bill Boards and share Digitally.

Easy to Use

Just copy your URL then paste on box finally click on SHORT THIS. That's all. A handy URL is ready to start the journey.


Track your links how they behaves. Even without an account, learn how your link works.

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